About Us

Are you a small business owner trying to figure out this social media stuff? Are sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Tweetdeck giving you turmoil?
Perhaps we can help.

Tubarks Consulting is dedicated to helping small businesses in WNY use social media tools to create new business opportunities. We are doing this in a number of ways: sharing free content through our Web site and newsletters, conducting audits of your social media activities, one-on-one consulting, and providing workshops to explore various tools.

The Tubarks Consulting Team

To be honest, the Tubarks Consulting team is very small and has not been in business very long. The team consists of Stan Skrabut, the owner and Bernadette van der Vliet, the owner of BMT Design. We have been a team for over 25 years. She makes me look good.

Although Tubarks Consulting as a company has not been in business very long, we bring a lot of experience with us from our days working with Cooperative Extension. We would give workshops on social media tools to business owners throughout Wyoming. We really enjoy helping businesses achieve their goals.

Tubarks Consulting can be also found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can also follow us there.

Serving You

You are a key element in what we hope to achieve. Our goal is to help you leverage social media in your business to unlock new opportunities. We, therefore, need to know what about social media is holding you back.

As we get to know you, we will strive to deliver information that helps you unlock the potential of social media in your business. Please let me know how we can help you.

Here are ways you can help me help you get to the next level in your business:

Without you, we would not succeed.

The Name Tubarks

Some people have asked me where the name Tubarks came from. Well, it began as a name for one of my World of Warcraft characters; Tubarks the Tenacious, a gnome rogue. I had to name him something. Tubarks has always been eager to learn and help others in need. These are characteristics I bring to you. Also, Tubarks is my last name spelled backwards, and now you know. ~ Stan


"Stan's guidance is excellent, he takes the mystery out of social media and clearly helps you use it to your best advantage and take it to the next level, whatever that might be!" - M. Summers