Social Media Training

The luxury of private Social Media Training, at a sensible price!

Our outstanding tailored Social Media Training courses help you get exactly what you need to make your organization successful with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any other social media site.

Right for Your Organization

What your business does, and the audience you want to attract, will (if you’re doing it right!) have a huge influence on how you use social media.

The kind of content you post, tone of voice you use, and the audience you’re looking for will need to be completely different for a law firm and a retail store. We take that into account, ensuring that the training is totally relevant and focused on your business.

Right for Your Staff

Experience matters, and there’s a huge range when it comes to a relatively new technology like social media. We make sure we know whether we’re training complete technophobes or avid bloggers, and keep the pace and complexity appropriate. That can make the difference between the training being a huge success or completely ineffective!

Our trainers spend time developing and executing social media campaigns on behalf of our clients. They face the same challenges you will, every day, and are right up to date with the very latest trends and changes.

We take that “real world” savvy and use it in our training.

So, our social media training courses don’t just show you which buttons to press, or how to find your way around the site’s functions. You’ll learn that too, but it’s much more important to know how to make it work for your business. We aim to make you an in-house social media champion; so you’re clear about what you want out of LinkedIn, Facebook or whatever sites you decide to use, and know how to get it.

What can your Social Media training include?

More or less anything you want! We’re experienced users and trainers of all the established sites, and happy to mix and match topics so that everything we include is moving you forward.

Once we’ve confirmed a training session length and date, we’ll send you an outline agenda which you’re welcome to play around with or add specific questions from attendees.

What Does Our Social Media Training Cost?

It depends on the size of your training group, the time required to cover your objectives and the amount of preparation and research we’ll be doing, but private social media day-long training sessions from $500 per person. This is typically for a 1-3 person group. We try to accommodate your needs and budget. For most organizations, private training is by far the most efficient and cost-effective option.

Private training is much better value! Here’s why?.

  • It caters to your exact needs at that time; we agree a prioritized list of what you’d like to cover prior to the day, or can suggest the most important topics if you’re just starting out
  • It covers only the sites which are likely to be most beneficial for your business; no twiddling your thumbs while the trainer talks about sites you don’t plan to use, or covers areas you?re already familiar with
  • It’s done in the context of your overall marketing objectives; who do you need to be reaching out to, and what’s the best way to do that
  • The private format means that you can ask questions as you go, and spend more time on areas you find confusing; and with no potential competitors in the room, you can be open about your organization’s challenges
  • If appropriate, we can include hands-on exercises with you at the keyboard, usually on your own laptop or PC, to ensure you retain as much knowledge as possible
  • We come to your site, saving on travel costs and time.This can really mount up if you’re training more than a couple of staff.
  • We offer a Small Group rate for up to three trainees, or a Large Group rate for up to 8, providing even better value

What Others Have Said

Meg Sommers“Stan’s guidance is excellent, he takes the mystery out of social media and clearly helps you to use it to your best advantage and take it to the next level. Whatever that might be!” ~ M. Sommers

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